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Why SMS Marketing is the best

Mobile is everywhere. Reach the masses right at their finger tips in the modern age. Keep your custumer’s updated and engaged with your brand.

It's direct

One of the most effective aspects of SMS messaging is that it arrives directly in the recipient’s inbox, and often will remain as an alert on the person’s phone until it is opened; they don’t need to login or open an app as they would with email. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach the people you wish to target the most, but SMS overcomes this challenge by dropping directly into a person’s phone.

Time Efficient

Another huge advantage of using SMS marketing is that it can be almost instantaneous to draw up and send out a campaign. You don’t have to spend time designing and amending an SMS messaging campaign, once you’ve worked out your message and the people you want to send it to, you simply need to construct the text – which takes the same amount of time it would to type a text out on your own phone.

Adaptable Accross Markets

One of the reasons SMS marketing is so effective is that it’s suited to B2C and B2B audiences. It can be used by commercial brands, for internal communications by businesses, and it is also appropriate for third-sector and public-sector companies. SMS marketing is also versatile across industries, from retail to healthcare, and can be used for a range of communications.

Just get started and see results

Our ‘Merit-for-Work done’ system enables clients to build their trust in our pricing and service, eliminating any ‘hidden costs’ associated to our services. Clients could use these services from any PC connected to the internet.

Instant, effective communication.

 More than 90% of text messages are opened and read within three minutes.



Personalised and targeted

Mail merge customer details into messages, tailor promotions and create personalised rewards.

Improve customer satisfaction

Respect your customer’s time and keep them in the loop about an order, delivery or discount with well-timed text messages.

Accelerate your business growth

The practical, powerful and proven way to reach your customers in seconds
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We are passionate about helping businesses to connect with their customers and any other person who may want to be kept in the loop. FirstDial Bulk SMS are proud to boast the most secure platform of its kind and also the cheapest service offering out there. We know that our service is something to shout about, we hope you do too!


Manager, Daymart Hypermarket

Excellent service. customer care very good. have regular emails just checking i am happy with the service. haven’t let me down yet and the rates are great! thoroughly recommend!

Abdul Majeed

Senior Manager , Canara Bank

Prices are some of the best around, the support is great both email and telephone support. When compared to the competition, tried and tested, the best value solution for our needs, and could not be beaten.


GM, Topco ZamZam Group

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