The Power of SMS

The practical, powerful and proven way to reach your customers in seconds. FirstDial Bulk SMS Services Cost Effective And Quick Reaction. Get up and running in minutes Once you’ve signed up for a free account, text messages can be sent to a group of people at the click of a button, far quicker than sending from a handset or by email.


Our Bulk SMS widely used in various industries. 


FIRSTDIAL Bulk SMS is one of the most impressive solutions to be connected with customers and it is easy to implement into your IT system. After the implementation you can communicate store announcements and sales promotions to customers via SMS text messages.

Travel & Tourism

It is sure that for travel and tourism industry SMS services are proved as a most important tool for communication, as communication with customers is significant for this industry. We know communication is done in many ways but the easy and cost effective way to communicate with your target audience is bulk SMS service.

Real Estate

Real Estate Agencies often use Bulk SMS to promote property via Campaigns or sending out available property information. Most of the reputed Builders also use this medium to announce their new ready or upcoming projects via bulk SMS. Construction companies widely uses sms services for new commercial space or residential space availability to their existing buyers or by SMS Campaigns to the mass.

Non-Profit Charity Sector

Media and entertainment ndustry needs publicity in their every project. Bulk sms / email sending is also one avenue to promote a show or project. However there is lesser probability of response to this compared to the interactive social media. The new information technology on the other hand has paved another way to promote which is by bulk SMS sending. 

Logistics / Transportation

SMS messaging in the transports and logistics industry isn’t new. For over 10 years transportation companies have relied on SMS to add value to their services. SMS is also viewed as an important customer loyalty tool by transportation or mail delivery companies, as it is a mean to send real time updates of the status of a parcel or shipment to their clients.


We provide our bulk sms service in whole india for Product Manufacturers also with good service quality. Our Web based Bulk SMS Software offers a very useful set of features like real time bulk SMS delivery reports, user friendly contact list management, export import excel CSV format files functionality, very advance scheduling functionalities, basic SMS functionalities like group, template etc.

IT / System Administration

Introduce BULK SMS technology solution to IT and system administrations in your company to increase efficiency and competitiveness. With First Dial you will be able to send SMS notifications or SMS alerts on various events to mobile phones. To achieve this solution you only need to Sign In to First Dial from your computer. With First Dial, SMS sending will be easy and several SMS services will be available. Find out the utilization possibilities and the advantages of SMS solutions.

Health Care

For medical institutions, coordinating the medical staff and its hundreds of obligations to the public can at times be a daunting task. Using bulk SMS can directly connect patients with their healthcare provider and ensure the smooth functioning of the institution itself, playing a significant role in guaranteeing the health and happiness of everyone they serve.


Government agencies are utilising bulk SMS services because of its vast reach and ease of use. Bulk SMS assists local and international organizations with staying connected to its constituents and allows for the dissemination of important information concerning various aspect of societal life.


There is no need for long waiting times just to receive the snail mail grades of students. There is no need either for poster announcements and frequent reminders of exam schedules and grades. All these can be done through bulk sms, and information such as these can be conveniently received by both parents and students.

Clubs & Societies

All major business whether it is a club or a society, needs reliable ways of communication. This will not just be communication to the members but also communication with other stake holders or with the public. It is for this reasons why many innovative ideas have been brought about to address this kind of communication hitch that normally exists. 

Financial Services

Here, is an opportunity for all kind financial industry to promote their business through Bulk SMS Services (Telemarketing communication). You can easily reach your valuable customer. This is one of the best ways for financial service or stock tips or advisory company to reaching on valuable customer at right time, right place and right people within few micro seconds. Just a click and send volume of Bulk SMS(Promotional SMS or Transactional SMS) to targeted customers and generate revenue by getting higher response.

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